The five best songs from the past 168 hours. What more do you want?

5. Jupiter-C - 'Locust'

These self-described "RETRO-FUTURIST SOUND MAKERS" have crafted a rumbling, brooding number cut with abrasive strings, an understated frenetic beat, haunting vocals and the general sense of being somewhat decayed, damaged by the recording process, damaged by its own existence.

4. Lonny X - 'Paid In Full'

'Paid In Full' was produced by Samurai Neito, whose gentle shuffling beat and jazz flavours add a classic late-night feel to this, a hint of romanticised fatigue, a weltschmerz hunched-over-a-drink-in-an-empty-bar feel – and understandably, given that the lyrics for this tell us about growing up in the hood.

3. MNEK - 'Suddenly'

While MNEK tends to lean more towards the up-tempo, club-ready sound, 'Suddenly' slows things right down and strips back the majority of instrumentation to just a vocal and a breezy, tingly production that allows his sensational (and somewhat under-appreciated) vocals. Lyrically, the song speaks of infatuation following a drunken fumble only to be side-stepped later on.

2. Kayla Blackmon - 'Chills'

Produced by Jeffrey Rashad, 'Chills' comes ahead of Kayla and Ye's forthcoming collaborate EP, which is due out later this year. Mellow and light with a taste of euphoria, Blackmon's vocals glide and ride between the blips and synths of the minimalistic beat to perfection before Ali throws in his verse on a flipped beat as an added bonus.

1. Sufjan Stevens - 'Carrie & Lowell'

The title-track from Sufjan Stevens' forthcoming album Carrie & Lowell is available to stream thanks to Mary Anne Hobbs and her excellent BBC Radio 6 show. Click here and ump to the 33:00 mark.