What a beautiful week for new music, and new old music. We've got the likes of ASHA providing slick, confessional 2K15 R&B, and a 40-year jam from the incredible Dalton. Traverse the spectrum with us. You'll enjoy it.

5. Antony & Cleopatra - Take Me

Speaking about the track via email, the duo shared these words with us: "Take Me exists in the liminal space between remix and original, between 90s and future, between bass and rave. Antony & Cleopatra draw heavily on the traditions of UK dance music, and this track is at its heart a shout out to all of their favourite elements. Diva vocals, breakbeats and dark textures combine into a track out of time, forward thinking yet honouring of the past."

4. Active Child - 'Stranger'

A pulsing beat punctuates washes of synth as clusters of percussion clatter by, tangled with tuneful gatherings of harp, the voice of Active Child himself – a rich falsetto – the jewel encased in these glittery lodgings.

3. Novelist - 'Ignorant and Wot'

We already thought that he sounded a little like a Boy In Da Corner-era Dizzee Rascal in the Mumdance collaboration, but its in 'Ignorant and Wot' that we find a unique Novelist, taking that early grime sound, making it his own with plenty dark reverb and an unnerving hook, and spitting over it with a mix of pragmatic self-consciousness and social commentary. He continues what Dizzee started and we're on board.

4. Dalton - 'Alech'

Arriving as the very first release from new Jakarta Records "sub-label", Habibi Funk – "dedicated to releasing arabic music from the 1970s and 1980s" – this is 'Alech' by Tunisian band Dalton. There's an Arabic lilt within the staccato funk that shivers happily throughout this deliciously percussion-laden number, the nature of the warm, crackly vocals adding a vintage feel to the shuffling rhythms. What a gem.

1. ASHA - 'We Can Do This'

A former street dance teacher and one of London's most hotly-tipped vocalists, ASHA isn't one to be taken down a peg easily, and her debut single 'We Can Do This' shows exactly why as she croons "Can't nobody love you like me / Can't nobody touch you like me." She oozes confidence in everything she does, whether it's her dancing or her sultry, pulsating R&B.