What makes the perfect pop song? Does it crawl into your skin with its dogged hooks? Does it linger on the mind like the smell of a wet dog in an airless room? Does it induce dancing? Are you reaching for that hairbrush? These are all questions (hence the question marks). We expect answers by the end of next week.

5. Foals - 'Mountain at My Gates'

Rock music.

4. Deradoorian - 'The Eye'

You should never describe something as 'nice' or 'good', but this song is both of those things. More 'good' than 'nice'.

3. The Code - 'Electronica'

"Unlike electronic dance music (EDM), not all examples of electronica are necessarily made for dancing."

2. Connie Constance - 'Stars'

What an incredible debut single.

1. Indian Jewelry - 'Vast Division'

Maybe clear some space, put away anything breakable that you care about, just in case you need to start throwing your body around or you feel so inspired by the sound that you relinquish all of your possessions, trash your living space, and move to some farm in the middle of nowhere to start your life fresh outside of the system that is holding you down - it happens ok.