"The more relaxed you are, the better you are at everything: the better you are with your loved ones, the better you are with enemies, the better you are at your job, the better you are with yourself." - Bill Murray

These are our five favourite songs from the past week:

5. Liv - 'Special'

Liv is only 20 years old, but with the two songs she's shared so far - 'Come A Little Closer' and her new track 'Special' - she's proving that she'll be a force to be reckoned with in 2015. Her soulful voice is mature and confident beyond her years, it's a gentle R&B ballad with gorgeous melodies and sparkling piano. - Tarynn Law

4. Rebecca Clements - 'Love Child'

It has a little bit of London Grammar with some influence from The xx thrown in there as well, making it a stunning and emotive piece of music. One of the mainstays from what we've heard from her so far is her fragile voice that's so delicate it sounds like you could break it with a pin and her fingerpicked guitar lines, all of which return on 'Lovechild' but with a bit more intensity. - Tarynn Law

3. Jacob 2-2 - 'Central and Mountain'

Wide chords fly over robust bass and the clatter of the beat with its truncated snares and shivering hi-hats. The bassline fragments itself around the 1:40-something mark, as far-off percussion heralds itself with liquid reverb in the background - woodblocks ticking and bamboo chime-sounds tumbling – and by 2:20 we're in another part. Literally like some bird gliding over a mountain, the rhythm changes and huge muscly synth blasts like breaking boulders. Sparkling golden marimba feels and epic solo synth ornaments throughout, with the ending being a blissful wave of chiller beats and mind-friendly chords. It's as if Jacob 2-2 is remixing the theme or idea he had at the beginning, it basically going through varied iterations throughout, textured and atmospheric, intense and subtle all at the same time. - Russell Thomas

2. Mitski - 'I Will'

Here is the genuinely lovely 'I Will' by Brooklyn-based songwriter, Mitski. Founded on rattling depth charge bass, lightly abrasive beneath the understated ghostly motown feels of the drums and the light-emitting chords that seem to rise up like mist. Mitski's vocals are intense and satisfyingly honest, "All I ever wanted is here / All I ever wanted, all I want is always you" ringing out with simultaneous heart-pumping fire and embracing warmth. What more do you want from this gorgeously simple morsel of music? - Russell Thomas

1. FKA Twigs - 'Ache' (Izzy Remix)

Speeding up the original vocals so they flutter with more lightness than they did, Izzy goes to work creating a rich and seething nocturnal beat, with jazzy electronic piano chords glassy and silken above the stumbling squelches of bass synth; it swaggers down a road lined with palm trees and neon signs, expansive and collective – well away from the individualist feel of burning, singular lust in the original. Now it soaks the coasts of our minds in retro-jaunty R&B. - Russell Thomas