This week's best song is two months old, and is a remix/refix/retake on a classic Missy cut. If that doesn't do anything for you, we've cut a smooth cut from BNJMN, pop from SVĒ, intensity from HÔN, and the emotive 'Tears of Unicorn' by Masayoshi Fujita. All essential.

5. HÔN - 'Silent Lover'

A ticking track populated by pulsing elastic bass and wonky, heraldic synth chords, it features tracts of luscious percussion as the dynamic switches between these quiet parts and sections that appropriate piano-ballad progressions in explosive, laser-like modern casings, vocals adapting as the track makes its way along between low crooning and falsetto harmonies.

4. Masayoshi Fujita - 'Tears of Unicorn'

The delicate majesty of 'Tears of Unicorn' certainly conjures images and atmospheres; with that title, and with the nature of the music itself, you can imagine an eternally twilit, mysterious country, populated by one single, lonely unicorn, running off its sadness.


'BLKNBL' finds SVĒ exploring a darker sound, with sinister synths backing her soaring vocals in a way we haven't heard from her yet.

2. BNJMN - 'Girlfriend'

BNJMN takes things down a notch for his latest track, 'Girlfriend'. The vocals are provided by Maurice Moore who draws us in with his smooth clean falsetto over the 808s and various synths. The track - which has a strong noughties R&B feel to it - is yet another fine example of the producer's versatility.

1. SWARVY - 'B*tch'

Musician and producer SWARVY offers up a supremely chilled atmosphere in 'B*tch' – essentially a flip of Missy Elliott's 'She's a Bitch'. Heavy slapped bass resounds with gravelly, industrial-grade metallic groove, echoing into an unseen void with whispering reverbs breezing alongside nocturno-classy string strains, clusters of sun-splashed palm-muted guitar executing this seasonal number.