How long y'all playas ball? All day. How much time y'all spent at the mall? All day. How long it take you to get this fly? All day. How long will these songs be on a loop? All day. Maybe all weekend too? Depends on how busy you are. Maybe just the afternoon. Let us know.


There's dream pop, then there's dream pop. Then there's the sonic essence of a weird dream distilled and added like cordial to our mortal atmosphere. That's what 'AMONÍACO' is like – it's a track by SALFUMÁN (which is the Spanish common name for hydrochloric acid; carrying on the chemistry theme, "amoníaco" means ammonia in Spanish), a producer / musician / singer based in Valencia.

4. Cuushe - 'Tie'

We've been following Tokyo-based musician Cuushe for the last couple years (we even had her perform a session for 405tv way back in 2013) so we're beyond excited that she's going to be releasing a brand new EP titled Night Lines on 7 April via Cascine. The label describes Night Lines as "presented as a noir storybook, unfolding along four tracks to expose a haunting Japanese soundscape, complete with bad guys, funeral processions and skyscraper-sized floral arrangements."

3. Felicita - 'Tails'

Broiled vocal samples pop and burst alongside thumping clusters of kicks as this cartoon squid of a song makes its bouncy, happy-go-lucky way through its own slice of time and space.

2. Anderson .Paak - 'Drugs' (Y//2//K remix)

Y//2//K is a producer/remixer who has had a pretty successful run of releases in the last few months. Our current favourite is 'Drugs' by Anderson .Paak, which Y//2//K has delightfully reworked into what you hear below. Its breakdowns are badass and its production is so tight that you won't be able to stop yourself from dancing in some shape or form.

1. Kanye West - 'All Day'