Monday was busy, Tuesday was quiet, Wednesday was busy again, Thursday was ok, and so far, Friday has been a solid 6/10. It's a post-SXSW world, and we're all just meaningless drones trying to survive in it. Here's five songs to get you through your weekend, or at least a very tiny portion of it.

5. Zhala - 'Holy Bubbles'

'Holy Bubbles' serves up a hefty helping of zooming synth to a rattling lo-fi beat, Zhala's reverbing voice elastic and fluttering over the slightly unsettling cosmic soup of sounds.

4. Hudson Mohawke - 'Very First Breath'

So. Damn. Good.

3. Tei Shi - 'Go Slow'

After impressing tons of new crowds at this year's SXSW festival in Austin, she's premiered her brand new song 'Go Slow' with Annie Mac on Radio 1 further proving what a unique gem she is.

2. Adria - 'Falling'

Here's Australian artist Adria with her latest track 'Falling'. It's a piano ballad that gradually aches with strings, helping it to achieve general vibe of elegant despair. Drums drop in later on – big, warlike drums that thump till the track's final strain of strings. With the dramatic instrumental is Adria's voice, powerful with lungfuls of soul thrown out in the chorus, rich and filled with exacting flutters in the verse, painting an almost effortless picture of emotion.

1. Mar - 'Not Like Here'

Here's a fresh new track from Dutch producer/musician/singer, Mar (one half of duo Full Crate x Mar). Co-produced by Beau Damien, it's called 'Not Like Here' and it's a cocktail of flavours, switching between downtempo future-facing R&B, glistening with clean cosmic synth and aching vocals, and bass-punctuated sections beset with chopped and pitch-shifted vocal samples, where electronic riffs crunch and plasma-beam out from a menagerie of beats, an astro-flute playing delicately over the towering turmoil of these parts towards the end; a contrasting call-and-response between two halves of a person, one gently regretful, the other confused and frustrated – a frenetic electro-sonata illustrating humanity's duality.