If you're looking for a strong female line-up, look no further than this week's roundup of the best new music. From Dominique's sun-warped electronics, all the way through to Ji Nilsson's summer vibes, these tracks require your attention.

5. Dominique - 'Don't'

'Don't' lyrically addresses unreal and unfair expectations of women. Set to bubbling sun-warped electronics in the verse and a wordless cascading fuzz of a chorus courtesy of co-producer ZeniF, it progresses with the playful bounce of electro-pop but with a slightly harsher, more abrasive side to it.

4. Laura Clock - 'Fantasy'

'Fantasy' is filled with expansive whooshes, tantalising clusters of crisp percussion and a general dream-infused deliciousness - perfect for an EP described by Clock herself as, "Dancing and crying at the same time, forever."

3. Kill J - Cold Stone'

"It is an innocent universe, where everyone is supposed to be happy, but still it is the formative years and that is the most brutal part of our lives," explains Kill J on her new single 'Cold Stone'. "It is a cold, mean fight to fit in under the surface - and none of us longs to go back to that teenage anxiety." Wonderful.

2. Desta French - 'Take You For Dead'

Hailing from North London and of Italian and Colombian descent, Desta French lays it all bare. There's a strong '80s R&B influence on the track, not only in the vocals but in the production as well - a song you might hear on a Jessie Ware album. It's minimal whilst offering intricate and delicate lyricism.

1. Ji Nilsson - 'Perfume'

It makes a music journalist's job easy when a song's lyric describes the track in question, an instance in point being Perfume's end-of-chorus line: "so fresh and so clean." And so it is. It's a song that not only gets us excited about summer but also for Nilsson's debut album. Please let it come soon.