With November almost over and festive season approaching at the speed of light, we start getting pretty excited about all those wonderful acts out there that have put new music out these past few days – mostly because a big part of them will be releasing full lengths in 2014 and we can already anticipate how awesome next year will be.

This week's selection is pretty heterogenic, and although we're not in advent calendar season yet you can start peeking through these funny little windows below. Except that instead of chocolate you'll get a great tune – how cool is that?

Denver native Ophelia Cache has a brand new track for us today, and it's a stunner. 'Leaving London' is reminiscent of Amy Winehouse and it's got that same timeless soul that rocketed Winehouse into stardom so no doubt there are big plans for Cache in the future. Her record Dolly & the Bull is due out in 2014, and 'Leaving London' was produced by The Kickdrums and APSPDR+.

  • Artist: Joey Bada$$
  • Track Name: 'Two Lips'
  • Location: US
  • Link: Tumblr
  • Author: Oliver Primus

The following collaboration is brought to you by the fact that if J Dilla was alive, he'd probably give it his blessing. At least that's what the J Dilla Foundation and clothing company Akomplice think.

Last week we highlighted Made In Heights as one of our Top 5 Songs of the Week for their playful track 'Death', and now they're back with 'Pirouette.' It's another dreamy track and Kelsey Bulkin's stunning vocals will have you spinning 'Pirouette' on repeat. Don't forget you can download both of the songs for free over at their SoundCloud!

  • Artist: Dornik
  • Track Name: 'Rebound'
  • Location: UK
  • Link: Soundcloud
  • Author: Tarynn Law

After giving us a fantastic introduction to what he's all about back in June with 'Something About You', Dornik is back with another great track, 'Rebound.' His super smooth voice glides over the dreamy synths, leaving the listener entranced and wanting more. Thankfully, it won't be too long until we get more, as 'Rebound' is taken from his upcoming debut album due out in 2014 via PMR Records.

That soft soulful R&B female vocalist wave has swept many of us away this year. BANKS, Rosie Lowe, George Maple, and so on have taken the year by storm with their own efforts as well as popping up on everyone else's tracks. But they've often stuck to the minimal R&B side of things: low basslines, pulsing rhythms. Another name to add to that list is Violet Skies, except, on 'How The Mighty', she's decided to plonk a load of orchestration on top of that minimal electro and it sounds bloody brilliant.