Our new music section is currently bursting at the seams with all the incredible music we've been feeding it recently, especially this past week. It's zero fat music too. No added sugar. Pure musical fibre, natural sugars. All the artists we've featured below - save for Lil Silva - could be considered 'Under the Radar', which isn't a selling point, just an observation. Have a great weekend.

5. FANPAGE - 'Check My Heart'

Here is a swirling abstraction of over-delayed electronics and squealing guitar called 'Check My Heart', courtesy of FANPAGE. There are effects aplenty in this one, the whole thing a desolate chattering of inhuman noises set to a irregularly thumping muffled beat, the vocals switching between quietly creeping and yelping, verging on screams. It's so bustling and bristling with sound that it feels like having your brain cleared out by a sharp breeze – oddly satisfying.

4. Jake Houlsby - 'Yannina'

I can listen to 'Yannina' when the modern world hustles me from the knowledge that it's all just a happy accident, that none of it matters enough to ruin yourself over, it matters just enough to deal with a clear head. They say that it is as important to rest as it is to work, and listening to this, with all its quiet revelations, I think they might be right.

3. Lil Silva - 'New Squeeze'

Bouncing along into earshot is this new one from Lil Silva. It's called 'New Squeeze' and it's an odyssey of skittering beats – replete with 808 toms, abrasive snares and booming kicks – underpinned by long tracts of sub-bass and ornamented with majestically echoing synth bloops. Gloriously rich 'n' tinny synth chords aplenty, stabbed in crazy patterns, stretched out and pitch-shifted, add a touch of urgency to this one: they're the precise and abstract brush strokes that decorate the unique, singleminded mechanical groove burrowed deep inside this track.

2. Alessia - 'Here'

Have you ever been in a situation where your friends invite you a party and you really don't want to be there? 18 year-old Canadian singer/songwriter Alessia has. So she wrote a (really good) song about it.

1. Inad - 'Blue Nue'

Delicate clusters of woody guitar sounds and light drum machine smatterings come together in beautiful harmony in 'Blue Nue' by new and virtually unknown musicmaker, Inad. Taken from an upcoming release called He Will Disappear, it oozes undeniable charm with its combination of minimalistic, somewhat cutesy instrumentation, and the distinctive heart-melting voice of Inad herself: at one point, Eastern-leaning arpeggiated strings fill space between the refrain, "Oh you said I was crazy…" as bass bloops in the tick-tocking beat, which gets extra points for the luscious handclaps later in the track. Quite understatedly stunning and needs to be listened to and most definitely enjoyed by many, many more people. A genuine stunner.