There's a show on TV called American Pickers, which follows two guys travelling the U.S. in search of "rare artefacts and national treasures." It's a dumb show, but oddly fascinating. Anyway... the most recent episode I watched featured an old guy that surrounded himself in nostalgia to the point where he couldn't let go of anything, leaving the hosts in a puddle of frustration. A massive shout out to all the Blink-182 fans. They had a tough week.

5. Kristin McClement - 'Hoax of a Man

According to McClement, 'Hoax of A Man' is "about the realisation that nature is all powerful. We think we can befriend, tame, and even defy nature, but ultimately it calls the shots. In the song, we become casualties of the great destructive force of the river - 'One by one the Lord collects his children from floating beds'."

4. TĀLĀ and How To Dress Well - 'The One'

TĀLĀ and How To Dress Well recently teamed up for Yours Truly's Songs From Scratch series, which finds artists teaming up to create a song in 24 hours. Check out both versions of 'The One' below.

3. Kaytranada - 'Drive Me Crazy'

The Montreal-based producer has teamed up with Chicago rapper, Vic Mensa, whose vocals flow over the top of booming kicks, cold snares and cosmic synth; watch out for the fresh guitar solo that drops towards the end of the track.

2. Esta. - 'Tic Talk'

California resident Esta. keeps the vibe funky with some added soul for good measure on 'Tic Talk', which is largely instrumental bar a few chopped-up vocals from fellow Soulection resident Chris McClenney.

1. Sam Gellaitry - 'Temple'

Taken from Sam Gellaitry's forthcoming Short Stories EP, 'Temple' takes the listener on a frantic journey through a number of different genres. What starts off as a smooth R&B-like track quickly switches up into a trap-inspired instrumental followed by a funky disco-inspired middle section before returning to its original R&B state. There's a little something in there for everyone.