Get stoked for the opening act of England's pitiful/surprisingly impressive (delete as appropriate) World Cup mission against Peru, with our handcrafted, as-carefully-selected-as-Woy's-squad, Top 5 Tracks of the Week. Featuring TÃLÃ, Jean Deaux, Carousel, Prismic Delight and Meanwhile, they may not instil any patriotic pride, but these tracks should definitely provide elation.

  • Artist: TÃLÃ
  • Track Name: 'On My Own In Hua Hin'
  • Location: London, UK
  • Link: Facebook
  • Author: Tarynn Law

TÃLÃ is one of pop's most exciting new voices, blowing us away with her previous single and subsequent music video for 'Serbia'. With the release of her EP The Duchess coming up on 2 June on a 12" and digitally, the last track 'On My Own In Hua Hin' is available to stream below. She originally wrote the song for and featured vocals on it for T. Williams' PMR Records last year, but her version is much better suited to her style and sound. It's an exhilarating song with hard hitting beats and stunning vocals that will leave you breathless.

  • Artist: Jean Deaux
  • Track Name: 'Into The Water'
  • Location: Chicago, USA
  • Link: Twitter
  • Author: Russell Thomas

Some utterly flowful unda-da-sea sounds here, though it's much less Sebastian (Little Mermaid, duh) and much more drifting-over-the-Mariana-Trench-after-a-spell-of-moonlit-skinny-dipping. Yep, this is the soulful, lullaby-like sound of Chicago singer Jean Deaux's latest, 'Into The Water'.

Her voice, something between rippling silk and a rich whisper, trails caressingly over glistening guitars, over subsurface heart-thumps of kick, like a hand loosely skimming the surface of the sea; the production from THEMpeople is ultra-chilled. Fellow Chicagoan TheMIND (aka Zarif Wilder) lends a rich rap to the track, making this a moody midnight ménage à trios for your eardrums. As Sebastian rightly sang: "Down where it's wetter, that's where it's better, take it from me.”

  • Artist: Meanwhile
  • Track Name: 'Bigger City'
  • Location: UK?
  • Link: Facebook
  • Author: Tarynn Law

You'll want to get familiar with Meanwhile. He just dropped one of the most fun tracks I've heard in quite some time, 'Bigger City', and if you won't take my word for it, he's also got La Roux on his side – she's asked him to open her fall comeback tour! It's colourful and refreshing with its blend of disco, funk, and pop. He realised what it was he wanted to do with his life at the tender age of 10, inspired by Danny Elfman's film soundtracks and from there began composing his own pieces after school, which transformed into the unique and infectious sounds of Meanwhile.

  • Artist: Carousel
  • Track Name: 'My New Friend'
  • Location: Los Angeles, USA
  • Link: Facebook
  • Author: Tarynn Law

It's been about six months since we've gotten a new track from California duo Carousel, but they've got a pretty good reason for it. They were just out on the road supporting Cherub on their Blow'd Tour which had countless sold out nights in some pretty big venues. Their newest song is called 'My New Friend' and it's a hazy bit of indie-pop that will land itself on countless summer playlists with its pulsating, shimmering synths. They explained the track a bit further in a statement, saying:

"This is a special song for us. We spent the last few months on the road supporting Cherub, and we didn't get a chance to do much writing or producing. So this was the first song we wrote when we got home from tour. We wanted to make something that felt like a hazy summer night. Something to get us ready for these next few months."

  • Artist: Prismic Delight
  • Track Name: 'Space Giggles'
  • Location: Los Angeles, USA
  • Link: Facebook
  • Author: John Faulkner

What would happen if you rolled up some dirty 8-bit dub bass and laid-back syncopated beats with some classic video game inspired melodies and fired it up? You'd probably get the space giggles.

Just two weeks after dropping Seeks To You, LA experimental electro whiz Prismic Delighthas offered up yet another new track on Soundcloud. 'Space Giggles' is part Ratatat, part Legend of Zelda, part "space funk."

It's a near perfect summer time jam, almost tailor-made for cruising around with the windows down. It's also a bit of a departure from Prismic Delight's ever-diversifying portfolio of varied electronica. This is an artist to keep an eye on.