For this week's Top 5 Songs of The Week feature, we asked the awesome Sandra Croft of doing awesome things fame to talk to us about her 'Favourite Song of All Time'. Oh, and expect the usual rundown of all the best new music released this week.

My Favourite Song of All Time

Depeche Mode - 'Enjoy The Silence' (chosen by Sandra Croft)

This is a song that's been with me since I was a kid, and recently soundtracked some of the most magical months of my life. The singular genius of Depeche Mode's music might be the way their songs inspire a gut-wrenching personal response - music that on the surface could be dismissed as simple synth pop, was actually capable of the same expression as the most sophisticated rock or classical music.

In a catalogue of masterpieces, 'Enjoy The Silence' stands apart as Depeche Mode's piece de resistance: a delicate commentary on love and relationships and the lack of importance of words when it comes to expressing feelings, all wrapped up in some of the most fascinating and mysterious music ever written. Along with its orchestral feel and rich dynamics, 'Enjoy The Silence' also stands as the hallmark of a rare moment when when Depeche Mode's popularity coincided with the peak of their songwriting powers, before addiction set in for Dave Gahan. Sweeping, majestic, haunting, and assured, it still manages to instantly take me me inwards to dark and romantic places... and that was even before it appeared on Season 1 of The Vampire Diaries.

Top 5 Songs of the Week

5. Woman's Hour - 'Sea Of Silence'

'Sea Of Silence' floats through the sky on its piano-ballad cloud, vocals sounding sweet and effortlessly powerful, all of it soaked in a beautiful dressing of empty-everywhere reverb to heighten the emotive spirit already curled up comfortably at the heart of this song.

4. Kehlani - 'Down For U'

A perfect high school sweetheart anthem for 2015.

3. Priest - 'Broken'

A somnolent slice of synthpop effusing a tapestry of fleeting dreamscapes taken from their forthcoming debut self-titled album.

2. Du Blonde - 'Mind is On My Mind'

"I wrote 'Mind Is On My Mind' on the back of a motorbike riding down the Pacific Coast Highway in LA and had to remember it all the way from Topanga to Malibu. I was interested at the time in writing songs with no repeating sections, but rather a succession of acts. A couple of months later, Sam and I took a trip out to the desert and came back to LA to make some music. I played him the track and he got in the booth and ad-libbed his lyrics over the instrumentation. He was done in like one or two takes. When I was back in London I'd become obsessed with these Middle Eastern and Greek guitar scales and I added the lead guitar in the outro as a contrast to Sam's vocals."

1. Kaleida - 'Aliaa'

'Aliaa' is a rumbling track soaked in a galaxy of reverb, dark and brooding atmospherics, glorious dynamics at work with pugilistic drums contrasted with lovingly cared-for spaces between sounds, catching the sibilance of the vocals for moments of beautifully organic ambience.