We've got a fine selection for you this week, from the dreamy return of Beach House, all the way through to the important message found in Blood Orange's 'Do You See My Skin Through The Flames?'. If you can't find something you like below, you've probably landed on this website by accident.

5. Beach House - 'Sparks'

On 'Sparks', the band explore a more aggressive side while retaining their dreamy backbone.


"Ain't no rapper tryina be a singer," sings Prince (very on point), after which he claims that "R&B ain't got no place" – the whole song a towering, piano-sprinkled testament to Prince's penchant for literally screaming guitars and implicit sexuality, hence the hook: "Party hard / she's a hard rock lover." Watch out around the 2:04 mark for some awesomely acrobatic slap bass.

3. Chelsea Jade - 'Low Brow'

It judders with soft electro pulses as much as it soars into hidden heights with washes of sound and majestic piano hits, sub-bass rumbling subtly throughout and Jade's vocals themselves crooning lines that ache with longing, like "Just hold me closer than you know how to."


TEES builds on the dreaminess of the original, but softens its harsh edges and adds a healthy sprinkling of deliciously chiming elements, from harp sounds to a legible house beat – all for a borderline transcendental, actually euphoric experience.

1. Blood Orange - 'Do You See My Skin Through The Flames?'

It's powerful. This word gets used a lot, but it's correct in this context: Dev Hynes' thoughts and feelings laid out on such a troubled sea of a musical backdrop, the stormy dynamics of that music, the actual words he says and sings. He tells us he is "another in a messy world" – or "an other", to go deeper – and this so simply sums up his loneliness and frustrations evident throughout the rest of the song: he feels like an outcast in, and because of, a world that is still very, very far from being perfect.