"I killed my Facebook page years ago because time clicking around is just dead time. Your brain isn't resting and it isn't doing. I think people have to get their heads around this thing. All this unmitigated input is hurting folks."

These are our five favourite songs from the past week:

5. Drake - 'Worst Behavior' (SAINT PEPSI Edit)

Russell Thomas called this song a "horn-heavy beat-tastic bass-tasm of a disco flip, pushing the original into a reckless rollicking party atmosphere metamorphosis," and that it "goes well with dancing and cocktails."

4. Vérité - 'Echo'

Vérité blew us away with her first two tracks, 'Weekend' and 'Strange Enough', and she delivers yet again on her latest 'Echo'. The three songs (plus a fourth, 'Heartbeat') make up her debut EP, Echo, out in a few short weeks on 20 October. Fans of Ryn Weaver, Tove Lo, or Zella Day will fall in love with her finely-crafted alt-pop sound, and you can listen to 'Echo' for yourself below. It looks like we may have a new pop star on our hands. - Tarynn Law

3. Beni - 'Protect' (FVLCRVM remix)

Here is a really nice remix from a Slovakian producer called FVLCRVM. Based in Bratislava, this guy is often remixing stuff to a loveable degree of goodness and it's no different with this latest one. He takes Sydney musicmaker Beni's deep electro-house track 'Protect' - featuring the joint singing-and-writing abilities of London duo Antony & Cleopatra - and turns it into an entirely different beast. Now, very far from the smart and minimalist beat of the swooshing original, it stands as a hefty serving of footwork (or juke, w/e u wanna call it). Chock-a-block with increasingly wonky synth and lovingly pitch-shifted vocals, it moves between a few dynamic changes in sounds and rhythms - build-ups, slices of breakbeats, slow laid-back sections - and also features a damn nice helping of slap bass for added, luscious funk. The finale is some beautiful mayhem. - Russell Thomas

2. Thrupence - 'Silk'

'Silk' is a title that pretty much suits this song down to the ground. It effuses this sense of class and sophistication, both in its smart crackling beat, rich with various percussion sounds, and also in its smooth and soaring strings, backed up with glittering peardrops of cosmic synth that taste like gold. Then this resonant sub-bass rumbles below, providing a punch by which the loungey atmosphere of the strings and ticking beat is gently ruffled and rippled like strips of silk in a buffeting wind tunnel. This comes from the mind of Thrupence, aka Jack Vanzet, a musicmaker from Melbourne, whose stuff we've written about before. His awesome 'Don't You Mind' was our Track of the Day a while back. You can get both 'Silk' and 'Don't You Mind' for free from Thrupence's Bandcamp. Both arrive courtesy of totally cool Australian label Future Classic and is taken from his forthcoming mixtape, Lessons, out on "limited edition paint splatter wax" 7th November. - Russell Thomas

1. YUNG BAE and Flamingosis - 'Fall In Love With Me'

We've been on Portland-based YUNG BAE for a few months now (for instance, check out the super-dream of 'When It Comes To You'), and we love his simultaneous blasts of soulful power and delicate melodic atmospherics, often sampling something – whether it's anime vocals or '70s-sounding love songs – into the mix. This time around he's teamed up with sampling maestro Flamingosis for a heady swoon of soul in 'Fall In Love With Me'. Whether or not it's based on Taiwanese series of the same name is difficult to say, and after much googling, even the samples remain a mystery. But certainly identifiable are the untouchable loops and repetitive instrumental hits, the heart-caressing daytime soap melody, the robust bass striding through amidst scrappy bursts of the beat, the dynamics of treble and bass reduction, the calm seaside fade-out. It's enough to literally make you fall in love with this collaboration, that's fo sho.