Take an interval from the summer of sports, and get these piping-hot belters down your lug 'oles. Expect a combination of electronic bliss, nu-nu-wave and cataclysmic hip-hop. Oh, and happy Independence Day, 'Murica.

  • Artist: Children Of Pop
  • Track Name: 'Taking Over'
  • Location: Houston, USA
  • Link: Facebook
  • Author: Matt Korman

While by technical definition Children Of Pop is a band, the Houston project is actually fronted by a sole figure who wishes to remain nameless. The 'group' as it may be has been combing through the local scene for the better part of the 2010s, even earning a recent nomination by the Houston Press in the "Best New Act" category. But despite its relative rise, there's still a feeling of infancy when it comes to Children Of Pop.

Recently, the 'group' debuted 'Taking Over', a low-hum bedroom pop dub which could suit itself as a Jai Paul side-project. The mysterious Children Of Pop levies delicate vocal structures on alluring spacey progressions, floating between experimental electronic and gooey indie pop. In his own words, however, Children Of Pop simply declares: "It is chill; boring. Enjoy."

  • Artist: Lowell
  • Track Name: 'I Love You Money'
  • Location: Toronto, Canada/London, UK
  • Link: Facebook
  • Author: Chris Taylor

Ever since 'Cloud 69' dropped back at the start of the year, I've had a special place in my heart for Lowell's "cheerleader with attitude" style songs.

Mixing the loud and fun attitudes of both Metric and Sleigh Bells with the unconventional pop stylings of Grimes, Lowell's tracks were unashamedly in-your-face, in both rhythmic attitude and lyrical content. Often about Lowell's own experiences, they were packed with feminist themes creating brilliant pop tunes with a real message to them; riot grrrl for the Radio 1 generation.

Now she's back with the equally brilliant 'I Love You Money', taken from her upcoming debut album We Loved Her Dearly which hits shelves on September 16th. Like with 'Cloud 69', there's nothing overly complex here but every part works together to create something so brilliantly catchy. Handclaps, chants of "woo" and "hey", and plenty of tambourine shaking create something colourfully retro; a proper summer pop anthem with a fist in the air for feminism and female independence. Just listen to it once and see how long that chorus will be stuck in your head for. I'm probably going to humming it all week.

  • Artist: Tropes
  • Track Name: 'Sincere'
  • Location: USA
  • Link: Facebook
  • Author: Russell Thomas

Fly, fluid hip-hop here from Tropes. Tropes is a musicmaker from somewhere in the US – where? We don't know. But it kinda doesn't matter, does it? He's been featured on this site previously, so it's clear that our love for them runs deep and true. Coming fresh-fresh off the back of a set for Boiler Room NYC, one in the second series of sets curated by cassette-focused label, Dirty Tapes./p>

His latest upload, 'Sincere', yet again showcases his supreme knack for flipping snippets of rap; this one features mainly Andre 3000 (from Outkast's 'ATLiens',) but also AZ (from his track 'City of Gods') and Nas ('You Know My Style'). Their voices become rich and flavourful notes of yesteryear, ornamentations for the sunny-side-up, boom-bap beats, orchestra hits like golden comic book POWS in a sea of lounge licks with undercurrents of undeniably groovesome bass. It's like a rap supergroup emerges in every new Tropes track, a testament to imagination and pure love of hip hop.

  • Artist: Crystal Fighters
  • Track Name: 'Change' (Tears For Fears cover)
  • Location: Navarre, Spain
  • Link: Facebook
  • Author: Tarynn Law

Crystal Fighters are gearing up to have an incredibly busy summer that will see them touring all around Europe playing tons of different festivals. Before that, however, they've got a lovely little treat for us all: a cover of Tears for Fears' 1983 single 'Change'.

It's seven minutes of pure, unadulterated, blissed-out synth pop and you'll be up and dancing by the time the drums build and the keys show up at a minute in.

  • Artist: Spazzkid
  • Track Name: 'Goodbye'
  • Location: Los Angeles, USA
  • Link: Facebook
  • Author: Russell Thomas

As expected, Spazzkid's latest actual track is literally lovely. As recently as last week we had a new something-something from this LA-via-Philippines musicmaker, 'Promise' – taken from his upcoming EP of the same name – as remixed by the wonderful Japanese producer tofubeats. This time around it's just Spazzkid: pure and simple.

Again taken from the ever-imminent Promise EP, 'Goodbye' is the latest tasty morsel from Mark Redito (Spazzkid's irl name). It's excellent from the first few seconds, with steel pans plunking their palm tree sound to an increasingly fizzy bossa nova rhythm, before launching into its true waves of style combination, encompassing tropical city pop, cute synthesised sounds, restless juke and rich, reverbing vocals that speak of potential heartbreak in amongst this surprisingly exotic whirlwind of colours that Spazzkid paints for us along the way. Towards the end, with its hyper drum & bass vibe, it's basically impossible to not be moving your body to the beat in some degree.

Lush, pastel-coloured, totally refreshing, yet dearly familiar, Spazzkid's 'Goodbye' is more like a triumphant return of a track; the sounds are different, the structure is different, but it's still his voice - still his vision.