"Wait, so you're saying Flying Lotus invited Kendrick Lamar AND Thundercat to perform on his new track? Should we even bother with a 'Top 5' this week?"

Hold on a second dude I just made up for the sake of this introduction: there's been plenty of decent tracks released this week. Obviously none of them can compete with the glorious 'Never Catch Me', but that's like comparing the rich dude from Cool Runnings with Usain Bolt - both can run, but Bolt has those nice long legs.

Enjoy, music fans.

5. 16YROLD - Gatorade

The track is a trilled out stretch of beauteous vibes, a cradle of eiderdown sounds ornamented with metallic mechanical percussion, a haze of blissful sadness, a 4AM online epiphany. Don't it make you just wanna cry and make out at the same time? It comes from 16YROLD's upcoming EP, as yet unnamed, as yet unscheduled - we'll be there weeping when it's out. - Russell Thomas

4. マクロスMACROSS 82-99 - '私は愛に ハイです' (feat. Yung Bae)

It's really difficult to not like マクロスMACROSS 82-99, the Mexican musicmaker whose name, if you're not familiar with it, references the seminal mecha anime, Macross, and who is an exponent of internet-born genre, future funk.

There's a place in my heart set aside for this kind of music, a kind of neo-lounge, a soul-warming experience whilst you're doing other things - not that it cannot be enjoyed simply for the music, too, and it goes with out saying that it's groovesome and danceable; it just happens to be perfect for filling a room with a kind of spiritual futuro-exotica. MACROSS 82-99's album ネオ東京 ("Neo Tokyo") is one of my go-to selections for such occasions as warrant this lounge feel, for the cooling funky atmospheres that glisten on every track.

Fast forward to literally right now and he's edited a track by fellow purveyor of future funk, Yung Bae, '私は愛に ハイです' ("I'm high on love"). The original utilises a pitch-shifted vocal from 'Love Won't Let Me Wait' by Luther Vandross, and is altogether a sparkling slow jam. The edit, on the other hand, is a little more layered, hints of a more robust groove, richer strings and brass, and the vocal returns (almost) to its original pitch, the whole thing effusing romance between the thuds of its dreamy drums.

A fun free download for everyone. Enjoy some wine, light some incense, await a lover (real or fantasy) and imagine that your room, your flat or your house, is in actuality a luxury condo. Yeah. Now we're talkin. - Russell Thomas

3. Little Cloud - 'why'

It's deep and sludgy, a murky burlesque of sounds - looped organ chords and rasping percussion - soaked in the swirling dust of a restless mind. Through this narcotic fog a voice sings out aching with love-hurt, through even the distorted fuzz-bass of the ear-drum-wrestling kicks in the song's second half. Moody, like a soul song sent into the kind of floorless oblivion that comes with overthinking; something tarnished, and beautiful for it. - Russell Thomas

2. ∆heyoo∆ - 'Cheifin'

Not sure what to call this guy, ∆heyoo∆? I guess. Phonetically let's just say it's HeYoo for the moment. Anyway, he's a rapper/beatmaker, and in particular its his unique flow in new track 'Cheifin' - sometimes slow and rich, and other times heated with rapid-fire tension and snarling frustration - that we're hearing.

You can tell he loves words as well cause, well, he does them well - here's something that stuck out: "Nigga I'm anonymous / you a trendsetter, yeah right, trend follower / hands down, like a toddler." The rhymes and rhythm here is just too cool. It ends almost abruptly, but with banal brilliance: "But now I gotta mow the grass and do my work... ain't that some shit."

All the while the gentle swagger of Turquoise Crown's beat ripples with vinyl vitality and lounge lassitude, the accented snare cracks delivering us unto bliss. - Russell Thomas

1. Flying Lotus - 'Never Catch Me' (feat. Kendrick Lamar)

It feels kind of wrong, you know? Listening to a Flying Lotus track out of the context of its album. I mean, FlyLo -- real name Steven Ellison -- so meticulously constructs his albums around a conceptual framework, with each track working as a small cog in a larger whole and every decision made to service the concept, that isolating one or two tracks is to do a disservice to both the album and the track. This was certainly the case with 'Moment of Hesitation', the first track released from FlyLo's fifth album, You're Dead!, due October 6th on Warp Records. As a piece of music it undoubtedly sounded immaculate -- FlyLo is one of the best producers in the game, after all -- but it made little sense divest of its intended surroundings, without the other cogs.

That being said, the second track released from You're Dead!, 'Never Catch Me' is probably the closest this album will get to a conventional single that can stand on its own as a fucking outstanding song. It's just the kind of music nobody else is making right now. The kind of music nobody else would make. The kind of music nobody else could make. This is some weird, heady, hyped-up jazz-fusion shit with all the maximalism and bombast that announced him as one of the best with 2010's Cosmogramma, a rapid and exhilarating plunge into the abyss that sounds characteristically Flying Lotus because it sounds like nothing he's previously released. And while the vocal feature from Kendrick Lamar makes this track feel like a 'single' more than anything else and will earn all the plaudits -- with good reason, Kendrick earns the distinction of being the only rapper that can keep up with a Steven Ellison joint -- Thundercat's inimitable bass playing should not be overlooked. His solo about a minute and twenty seconds in is everything. This track is Everything. Not that my words could possibly do it any justice. - Mike Clark