I know it came out in 2013, but perhaps we should make Drake's 'Hold On We're Going Home' 'Track of the Week'? That's not to take anything away from this week's selection, but seeing as iTunes just shuffled it back into my life, I'm struggling to focus on anything else. "It's hard to do these things alone / Just hold on, we're going home."

5. Shy Girls and Tei Shi - 'Arrest Me'

Tei Shi collaborates with Shy Girls on his track 'Arrest Me', a lucid dream of swooning romance that's taken from his mixtape, 4WZ.

4. Say Lou Lou - 'Nothing But a Heartbeat'

Say Lou Lou's steady rise to fame might seem like a bad thing in a world so heavily focussed on "HYPE / BANGERS / ONES TO WATCH / OVERNIGHT SUCCESS / PLAYING EVERY AMERICAN TV SHOW", but sometimes playing the long game is the best approach; Tortoise and the Hare if you will. That's not to say they've flown under the radar, but with every release it feels like they're sneaking in through the backdoor of mainstream pop success.

3. Julio Bashmore - 'Kong' (feat. BIXBY)

Featuring some super-fizzy chords and the soulful voice of London-based singer BIXBY on loop, here is a new track from Julio Bashmore. Released on his own label, Broadwalk Records, 'Kong' is an atmospheric number that is awash with calm waves of synth chords, supported with warm pulses of marimba and a scuttling bustle of percussion throughout. Understated bleepy melodies make their way into the mix towards the end, helping to finish off a what is a progressive and classic-sounding house track.

2. THEESatisfaction - 'EarthEE'

This is a cosmic jam, floating on a stuttering sea of blippy synth and supported by a subtly abrasive beat beset with elastic stretches of sub-bass. Not only does it feature the duo themselves, but also the talents of fellow purveyor of weird-hip-hop Shabazz Palaces. Fellow Sub Pop companion, Seattle rapper Porter Ray, and co-producer Erik Blood feature on the track, as well.

1. East India Youth - 'Carousel'

'Carousel' features a blanket of messianic strings and soaring, heartfelt vocals. The video arrives at the same time and sees Mr. East India Youth himself spinning around slowly, as if on a carousel - only when he steps turning, turning, turning do multicoloured lights appear in the darkness; salvation from the cyclical nature of our lives. The screen fades to white – is this nirvana?