If you're into loneliness, finger snaps, sparse thuds, romance and voguing, you'll probably appreciate this week's Top 5 Songs of The Week feature. If you don't, well, there's always this feature on Studio Ghibli's Music Videos.

5. Mars Today - 'Summatime Fine'

Effortlessly cool with its uncomplicated beat and finger snaps, 'Summatime Fine' is perfect for... well, the summer. The full beauty of the beat doesn't kick in until around the two-minute mark however so be sure to stick around for greatness.

4. Missa - 'Tattoo'

'Tattoo' is a tapestry of floating sounds weaving amongst each other, rippling above the sparse thud of a beat, vocals from Missa herself in lungfuls soaring above it all, scratching clusters of bass swaying with the all-encompassing, dramatic nature and epic rhythm of the track.

3. Auscultation - 'Promise You'll Haunt Me'

It's 100% what you might expect the sound would be of somebody wishing to be haunted, probably by a lover; the decayed quality, the creepy yet joyful tone of the melodies, the ectoplasmic merging of sounds, the hypnotic mundanity and perhaps descent into insanity – it all points to ghostly romantic activity.

2. Hailee Steinfeld - 'Love Myself'

It's as four-to-the-floor, piano-chord-laden, yelling-chanting-vocals as any good pop song of today should be and as such it's most likely going to win itself a fair few fans.

1. FKA Twigs - 'Figure 8'

She never dissapoints.