The best songs from the past week. Sure, they probably won't make you feel better about everything that happened this week with the election - unless you're a douchebag - but it might distract you for half an hour.

5. Farao - 'Hunter'

"'Hunter' is about conquering just for the sake of it," Farao explains in a message to The 405. "Wanting more for yourself than you deserve. It's also about oppression, and holding people down just because it's fun."

4. Tall Ships - 'Life Goes On'

It's a bold, dark, slow building crescendo that makes it feel like they've simplified their style until it reveals its multitude of layers. It's a change to what we are accustomed to, but Tall Ships have never been a band to stay still for long so it'd be wrong to say it's indicative of the album to follow - It's that fact that makes them such an awesome proposition.

3. Ralph - 'Trouble'

The true success to 'Trouble' is the effortless fusion of danceable, disco-inspired instrumentation and the bitter-sweet pop sensibility that underpins the track. Driven by lead singer Raffa Weyman's silky smooth vocals and a repetitive, chugging guitar line 'Trouble' is a nostalgic, slick slice of summer pop.

2. 20syl - 'Back & Forth'

Incendiary synths blaze forth along the track, bleep-clusters startlingly glittersome, all of it fluid and herded by its nicely accented slow-sway beat. It's interesting cause it moves in waves, progressing through its 3:39 duration with simple dynamics, rather than relying on absent-minded build-ups and drops. He also makes use of space, letting bloops do their bleeping in softly-softly sections, as much as he fills it with juddering uzi synth chords and stolen slices of vocal samples. And spatial awareness is very important.

1. Vince Staples - 'Señorita' (feat. Future)

Featuring a sample of Future's 'Covered N Money' in addition to getting some help from vocalist Snoh Aalegra, it's a fire track that showcases his immense lyrical prowess. There's a good reason why he's worked alongside Kanye West and Odd Future without even releasing an album yet, and 'Señorita' will show you exactly why.