So who watched the BRITs? Yes? No?

Big wins for Ellie Goulding, One Direction and The Arctic Monkeys were on the cards, pretty much cementing the awards into perma-irrelevance; if you were looking for juicy, fresh, zesty sounds and were left limp and disappointed, then we're here to pick you up, brush you off, and zap a jolt of guarana up your jacksie. Okay, so Lorde won a thing and there were some pretty great performances... But check out these choice cuts and leave our clammy mits blank-minded – after all, these doozies'll blast your brain to smithereens rather than turn it to mush.

  • Artist: Bo Ningen
  • Track Name: 'DaDaDa'
  • Location: Japan
  • Link: Facebook
  • Author: Peter Hinson

I was completely unprepared for my first encounter with Bo Ningen two years ago, I decided on a whim to catch a Horrors show at the last minute and wondered in knowing nothing about the four men who were about to walk into the light wearing bright pink netted trousers, looking somewhere between some '70s obscurity and the band from a Hawkwind-like vision of the future. Watching the looks of confusion on The Horror's surprisingly young audience over their long haired androgyny and acid fried space rock was almost as fun as the set was incredible.

Bo Ningen's are all Japanese, but they're band originated in London, a city that will never completely understand them. But they're not worried, they've always made music that's been out of this world. Songs a step removed from reality, only able to communicate through their raw energy and unhinged intensity.

Their newest track 'DaDaDa' from their forthcoming third album makes contact with a bassy dirge of propulsion, dialling down the freak outs to channel the energy into precise strikes of blasting percussion. You probably won't understand a word of it, but those soaring guitars are universal, a reminder that, in the end, freaks and bewildered alike all marvel under the same sky.

  • Artist: Jungle
  • Track Name: 'Busy Earnin''
  • Location: UK
  • Link: Facebook
  • Author: Tarynn Law

XL Recordings just announced that they've signed Jungle earlier today, and to celebrate the group's new celebration-ready track 'Busy Earnin'' is out now. Previous tracks 'The Heat' and 'Platoon' earned them a good amount of praise in 2013, but it looks like they're ready to take over the entire world this year. 'Busy Earnin'' is full of grooves that would make Chromeo jealous. Their debut album is set for release later this year on the aforementioned XL Recordings. 'Busy Earnin' premiered as Zane Lowe's Hottest Record in the World.

  • Artist: Partycolors
  • Track Name: 'Emma Watson'
  • Location: Chicago, USA
  • Link: Twitter
  • Author: Peter Hinson

Don't be fooled by the name. 'Emma Watson' doesn't mean everything, it's just a red-herring that happens to be named after everyone's favourite snobby little Gryffindor actress. You won't find a "It's Leviosa. Not Leviosar"-sampling dance remix when you hit play on Partycolors' new track, you will however find the young Chicagoan producer uses nonsensical vocal samples as synth keys. Seemingly just guiding them as they forge their own rhythm within his pause-menu music loop.

  • Artist: The Afghan Whigs
  • Track Name: 'Algiers'
  • Location: Ohio, USA
  • Link: Facebook
  • Author: Ana Leorne

The Afghan Whigs will be putting out a new album (their first in 16 years) on April 15th via Sub Pop, and you can now preview its first track right now. 'Algiers' - which you can watch/listen below – is Do To The Beast's lead single and their first piece of new music since they recorded two songs for 2007's Unbreakable compilation. A magnificent piece of slow-paced desert rock, 'Algiers' sees frontman Greg Dulli's voice fitting perfectly with the loungy guitars and Eagles-like production. The clip was directed by Phil Harder.

  • Artist: Zhala
  • Track Name: 'Prophet'
  • Location: Sweden
  • Link: Facebook
  • Author: Ana Leorne

Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, Zhala is a very talented musician doing what she calls "cosmic pop". With her debut EP Prophet out tomorrow via Robyn's Konichiwa Records, she now shares the release's title-track - a hypnotic piece of mysterious beats and exotic perfumes coloured by her bittersweet voice. It also features a mad, mad ending. Although Prophet is her first proper release, she's already played festivals like Bestival, Isle of Wight, or Way Out West and opened for Robyn in London and Berlin.