So did you get your tickets? No? Us neither. Instead of weeping into your clammy mits and bawling like a tantrum-prone toddler, how about you check out this mighty fine collection of noise. Perhaps it can soundtrack your malevolent, sinister blueprints for a better mouse trap that'll ensnare touts by the shorts and curlies?

  • Artist: Sivu
  • Track Name: 'Dumb (Nirvana cover)'
  • Location: London, UK
  • Link: Facebook
  • Author: Hector Barley

Covering Nirvana is no easy feat. Many have tried and many have failed. Most of whom have chosen to make sappy acoustic versions, perhaps trying to evoke the idea of Kurt's 'tortured soul', and failing miserably.

Fortunately London singer songwriter Sivu has neither decided to make a poor acoustic cover nor failed miserably. Instead his version of 'Dumb' manages to skillfully reinterpret the original into a lo-fi electronic gem, and at the same time perfectly showcases Sivu's remarkable falsetto vocals.

  • Artist: Chance The Rapper
  • Track Name: 'Home Studio (Back Up In This Bitch)'
  • Location: Chicago, USA
  • Link: Facebook
  • Author: Ana Leorne

To celebrate getting a home studio, Chance The Rapper has unleashed 'Home Studio (Back Up In This Bitch)' - a track produced by Social Experiment. Whilst the track is essentially a demo - or an artist messing around with a new toy - it's pretty good. The most interesting aspect to it is the outro from 1:54, as the jazzy elements from Acid Rap sneak back into the mix. Listen below.

  • Artist: Pharrell x Woodkid
  • Track Name: 'Happy (Woodkid remix)'
  • Location: Lyon, France
  • Link: Facebook
  • Author: Tarynn Law

Moms everywhere love Pharrell's hit song 'Happy', but Woodkid's new remix might be better fit for their kids. He's turned the super positive song into a wonderfully melancholy version of its former self, pairing Pharrell's vocals with an entirely different instrumental track. The gorgeous orchestral arrangement builds and fades away woefully that is moving and powerful, something that may not be able to be said about the original Despicable Me 2 track. While the Pharrell track is all fine and good, I think I definitely prefer Woodkid's version. Stream it below.

  • Artist: Wild Beasts x East India Youth
  • Track Name: 'A Simple Beautiful Truth (East India Youth remix)'
  • Location: London, UK
  • Link: Facebook
  • Author: Matt Korman

Shortly after we highlighted the remarkable rise of East India Youth and his stunning new LP Total Strife Forever, he seems to have rushed back to work to churn out this delicate and reachable remix of Wild Beasts' 'A Simple Beautiful Truth'.

East India Youth (William Doyle) took the original's romantic minimalist hum and added stretching rays of eerie synths and echoed samples, extended it to nearly double the original length. Of course Doyle doesn't do much to take away Wild Beasts' swelling vocals, which still serve as the centerpiece to the reworked track.

  • Artist: LAYLA
  • Track Name: 'Smokestacks'
  • Location: UK
  • Link: Soundcloud
  • Author: Peter Hinson

We have a feeling it might be the song that shoots her into the stratosphere.