While the likes of Solange and Schoolboy Q graced us with killer music this week, it really was a golden time for new artists to shine. Is this jump in form down to the fact that we're edging closer to the dreaded 'Ones to Watch' zone, or am I just a cynical bastard?

The real winner here is, of course, the music. And you, I guess. But enough of those clichés. Jump into our selection below and remember that a new artist is for life, not just the BBC Sound Of poll.

  • Artist: Solange
  • Track Name: 'Cash In'
  • Location: U.S.
  • Link: Facebook
  • Author: Cher Vincent

The real star are her vocals, albeit being replicated in tantalizing harmonies, or stripped completely as she sings of both confidence and fear, there's no telling where she might go after this. Here's hoping there's another full-length on the horizon.

  • Artist: Shara Gibson
  • Track Name: 'Singapore'
  • Location: Toronto
  • Link: Twitter
  • Author: Tarynn Law

Although she's based in Toronto and sings of Singapore, folk/pop artist Shara Gibson apparently lives on a ranch/horse sanctuary that focuses in sustainable agriculture, which kind of sounds like it's in the middle of nowhere. Her new track 'Singapore' has hints of folk while still maintaining its lovely pop sensibilities and is definitely a sign of great things to come.

  • Artist: SZA and Ab-Soul
  • Track Name: 'Ice.Moon Revisited'
  • Location: U.S.
  • Author: Tarynn Law

A few days ago the video for SZA's latest offering 'Ice.Moon' was released, and it's a lovely gem of a pop song. Now TDE have spun the track in a new direction, teaming the songstress up with one of their core crew members, Ab-Soul, for 'Ice.Moon Revisited.'

  • Artist: Schoolboy Q
  • Track Name: 'Man Of The Year'
  • Location: U.S.
  • Link: Twitter
  • Author: Ana Leorne

Following the delay of Oxymoron due to sample clearance issues, Schoolboy Q has now unveiled a new track, 'Man Of The Year', (first heard on the director's cut version of Kendrick Lamar's video for 'Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe') which is set to appear on the soundtrack of basketball game NBA Live '14. It's hard not to fall in love with this song.

With lush, playful vocals above chillwave-tastic lo-fi drums and the perfect buzz of understated yet funky bass it skips along happily, which is just as well, because the giggles at the beginning made us smile so much we couldn't stop even if things turned morbid. They don't though, don't worry.