Clumsy dance moves, a "dark story about having too much fun", the 'Late Period Grand Funk Railroad' and colours - so many colours. Yeah, it's a list of the greatest music videos from the past seven days.

Sidenote: we asked Bernard + Edith to provide us with their favourite music video of all time, and they came back with 'Forever Dolphin Love' by Connan Mockasin. Watch it over here.

5. Built To Spill - 'Never Be The Same' (dir. Jordan Minkoff)

The video, a sequel to 'Living Zoo', was directed by Jordan Minkoff and features Doug Martsch learning some dance moves in a clumsy yet ever-so-sweet way.

4. Korallreven - 'Limitless' (dir. André Jofré)

Taken from the recently released album Second Comin', this is the video for Korallreven's 'Limitless'. It's a squiffy kind of constant builder of a track, rolling snares and flashing synths bouncing over a pulsing beat, a soundtrack to overflowing excitement that is very much suited by the video that's just been dropped for the song. Director André Jofré says "It's a dark story about having too much fun. The story also really depends on the viewer, something I really like. Aesthetically, we've essentially taken Drive and swapped out Gosling with Willy Wonka."

3. The Shamir Call It Off Relationship Hotline!

It might not be a music video, but it does feature statements such as 'Ride of Die Boyfriends', 'Thot Analytics' and 'Late Period Grand Funk Railroad'.

2. Bernard + Edith - 'Heartache' (dir. Iris Debaveye)

The clip, directed by Iris Debaveye and featuring both costume design and styling by Myfanwy Holland, is the product of a vision the duo had for the track, which they describe as "a fluffy cushion for you to rest your head on and reflect on life after things go wrong."

1. Sia - 'Fire Meet Gasoline' (dir. Francesco Carrozzini)

The flavour-of-the-moment gigaton machine that is Sia has just released another video, the first one off 1000 Forms Of Fear that doesn't feature child dancer Maddie Ziegler – instead the visuals for 'Fire Meet Gasoline' stars Heidi Klum. It's a kind of perfect-relationship-gone-bad story which, of course, has to feature the literal version of the track's epithetical title: fire, and lots of it. This track feels like it was created just for this video.