Assuming you watch all the videos below, you'll visit the bizarre land of GTAV, an office environment, a road, a bedroom and a theatre with its own eco-system. I feel like I could be selling this a bit more, but honestly - these videos are all wonderful.

5. Wavves - 'Leave' (dir. YeahMAP)

The clip for 'Leave' was filmed by YeahMAP (who won the recent Rockstar Editor contest) and is set in the world of action, blood, sex, and vices that is Grand Theft Auto V.

4. Skylar Spence - 'Can't You See' (dir. Tim Hendrix)

The shy person in us all has had the same vision; what if we just got the courage to be the coolest, most sociable version of ourselves? How would things change? And would we finally get the attention of the person we've long sought after? Also, can he/she make working in a cubicle tolerable? Director, editor, and visual effect artist Tim Hendrix explores the idea in Skylar Spence's new video for 'Can't You See', focusing on a man's hidden ambition behind the quiet, secluded business stereotype.

3. Rejjie Snow - 'All Around the World' (dir. Noah Lee)

The video for 'All Around the World' stars Amir Legrone and Lily-Rose Depp alongside Rejjie himself as they, quite aptly, take a night drive around the world. It was also directed by Noah Lee, who directed the video for Rejjie's previous single, 'Nights Over Georgia'.

2. Kwamie Liv - 'Higher' (dir. Marion Dupas)

Kwamie Liv took her track's title literally in the video for 'Higher'. Directed by Marion Dupas for Caviar, it follows a couple's tumultuous relationship in a... peculiar, to say the least, living situation. To be fair, I'd probably go crazy if I lived that close to a significant other with no room to escape as well, so I totally get it.

1. Tove Styrke - 'Number One' (dir. Marcus Lundin)

This week's top video was directed by the excellent Marcus Lundin, who spoke to us about the video over email:

"I've always liked Tove. I think she's an amazing artist and performer. So when they reached out to me I jumped at the opportunity. I really liked Tove's previous videos, but wanted to take a completely different route with this one. I wanted to showcase Tove's amazing artistry; she's one of those acts that can carry a 3-minute video all by herself. That was pretty much the basis of the idea, having Tove all alone in the video. So placing her alone on stage came pretty naturally. The rain and cloud is a completely different story.

"That all started a couple of years ago when I read an article about a Boeing factory. In the factory there was this rumour going around that the hangar was so huge that it had its own eco system meaning that clouds could actually form inside this hangar. True or not, I was fascinated by the thought of rain indoors, so when I sat down with Tove I presented this idea of her alone in a theatre where this cloud lives. She loved it and we started working right away. I must say that the finished video came out pretty much as I expected it. I'm very happy with the result and with Tove's performance. Side note: she had a 40 degree fever and ear infection on the day of the shoot."