This week's top videos come from Keep Shelly In Athens, Bowerbirds, Here We Go Magic, Björk and Odd Future. We have ghostly houses, mind control, babies, science and a heartwarming tale of a fish. Not only that, but we spoke to some of the directors behind these videos, and got the wonderful Py to talk about her favourite music video.

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Top 5 Videos of the Week

Keep Shelly In Athens - Our Own Dream

"It's a mini movie telling the story about a ghost watching over a young couple and haunting them. My goal was to keep it dream-like and romantic to fit the song. I wanted to give a twist to its title and imply that maybe their dream is shared with more than two..." Thanasis Tsimpinis

Bowerbirds - Tuck The Darkness In

"I liked the idea of exploring how something that is so ordinary to most of us could be perceived as a life changing event to somebody else. I think we generally give innocence a negative connotation but being naive is sometimes the most interesting way to approach things.

"Production wise, the video was a true labor of love. We had a crew of 6 people who ran around LA shooting for 4 days on a 7d. It wasn't the most glamorous production but everyone's heart was in the right place. Props to our young actor Garren who was tortured in cold weather, freezing water and had to hold a dead fish for's hard to understand what that smells like until you're locked in a room with one and hot movie lights." Carlos Lopez Estrada

Here We Go Magic - Make Up Your Mind

"All of our video ideas have been really collaborative with the band. We love working with these guys because they are truly up for anything - they love to make things, they love being dramatic and playful. It's a delight," says Johnson.

"Luke is always game to play oddball characters that don't necessarily reflect his attitudes, and that's always fun for us. In this case we really were just dying to do something evil," says Mitnick.

"There's this haunted little back alley behind a pawn shop in Orlando where a really ominous blue light is cast from a local airport - I passed by it a few times and it made me shudder and I'd ask the driver to take a different route. I had visions of a displaced creep living in the alley like a troll under a bridge and casting spells on passing cars," says Johnson. "We shot all of the 'monster Luke' parts of the video at that location."

"We had an audience of some pretty shifty transients watching us all night that I think added to the tension and really turned the knife in Luke's performance," says Mitnick.

Björk - Hollow

Odd Future - NY (Ned Flander)

Favourite Music Video: Py

Portishead - All Mine

It was really hard to choose just one favourite video. I ended up drawing a short list of about 40! This is ended up to the top. I like the way her voice in disembodied and forced into someone else visually. I love to watch people singing, to see their facial expression and eyes, there is something very revealing about it. But by replacing the person and keeping the voice it feels odd and disconnected like a mask, or ventriloquist. I also really like the feel of the old Italian show, how it reads at the bottom, ‘Sorry for the poor sound quality’. It references old TV shows it makes me think of black and white films and Hitchcock movies. Another love of mine is old fashion dances like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. If I hadn't picked this I would of choose a music video that references dance and movement, girls being lifted up, and Kate Bush style dancing!