Bullion's love of eggs certainly brought a smile to our faces this week, but it couldn't compete with the manic nature of Vic Mensa's 'U Mad' video, Shura's short film, Lucy Rose's cliff dive or that Björk masterpiece.

5. Bullion - 'Saysah!' (dir. Business Company)

Speaking about the visuals, created by Business Company, Bullion said: "'Saysah!' is about eggs and how brilliant it might be to climb into one and find a world of strange characters fizzing around. To be honest, the track wasn't actually about anything, then the video was made and finally, some meaning!"

4. Vic Mensa - 'U Mad' (feat. Kanye West) (dir. Grant Singer)

The video popped up following a Q&A with Vic Mensa on Tumblr's newly launched feature Answer Time, in which known people answer questions posed by Tumblr users. Kind of like a big copy of Reddit's AMA (Ask Me Anything).

3. Shura - Three Years (dir. David Terranova)

Directed by David Terranova, Three Years serves as the perfect introduction to the singer (if you've been slacking, that is), since it features '2Shy', 'Touch' and 'Indecision'.

2. Lucy Rose - 'Like An Arrow' (dir. Kinopravda)

The clip finds the singer wandering about in a Spanish forest before jumping off a cliff edge into a waterfall: "I've wanted to make this video for so so long, film it in one take and challenge myself mentally and physically like never before," she says of the stunt. "It expresses freedom, escapism and doing something that really makes you feel something, just like your favourite song does!"

1. Björk - 'Black Lake' (dir. Andrew Thomas Huang)

Previously the video was commissioned as an art installation, made for the Björk retrospective being hosted at MoMA. It's wonderful.