Robots, jellyfish, summer haze, aliens, twin peaks, dancing, censorship, kissing and a beach. These are just a few of the things to expect in this week's 5 Videos of The Week feature.

5. Taxi Taxi - 'Floating Forever' (dir. Simeon Frohm)

The pair tell us that it's "a song about love for someone who you're not with, but who has changed your view on yourself and the world around you. It is a happy song though, since there are no promises to break. No limits, just dreams. You dream about them, and it is all there."

4. Hundred Waters - 'Innocent' (dir. Jeremy Chaplin)

The sci-fi themed video, directed by Jeremy Chaplin, features a jellyfish-like robot (or alien) floating around an abandoned spacecraft, seeming to investigate what happened aboard the ship.

3. Findlay - 'Electric Bones'

"I guess the song is about searching for a love that isn't just a flash in the pan," the singer tells us. "You can still have those moments between two people that keeps you going, finding a little spark instead of just going through the motions."

As for the video, Findlay reveals that it originated from conversations with her friend Sasha Rainbow about people's sensibilities, and sensitivities, to what is held to be appropriate online. "We'd been going back and forth discussing censorship within current media and wanted to create something interesting along those lines," she explains, "how disturbing we found it that you can watch people being beheaded on Facebook and children have access to pornography, yet pictures of women breastfeeding or men kissing are deemed inappropriate."

2. Jungle - 'Julia' (dir. Oliver Hadlee Pearch / Josh Lloyd-Watson)

The video for 'Julia' features one man participating in a call-and-response type dance with a group of about five others. A collaboration between Oliver Hadlee Peach and the band's very own 'J', it brings together all of the key characters from their previous videos - 'Busy Earnin'', 'Platoon', 'The Heat', and 'Time' - for one final visual.

1. Jessie Ware - 'Champagne Kisses' (dir. Christopher Sweeney)

The imagery in this video for 'Champagne Kisses' is pretty surreal to say the least. She sits in a waiting room inside a television (already you can see the strangeness) whilst a lot of oddities occur within this television – perhaps a symbol of Ware's own mind, but more likely to be a comment on people's warped perceptions of artists as 'not real' (i.e. unreal, surreal) people.

It some places it looks like a more colourful version, less terrifying version of the Black Lodge from cult TV series Twin Peaks. With Rubik's cubes, giant pills on plates, Jessie wearing a sharp blue outfit, her head stretching through holes in the floor, the bottom half of her torso turning to planks of wood in an amateurish half-rendering of Mokujin from the Tekken series, there's a lot going on. It was directed by Christopher Sweeney, who also gave us the visuals for 'Young And Beautiful' by Lana Del Rey and that controversial video for Lily Allen's 'Hard Out Here'