Sometimes we're able to wrap this feature up pretty early on, but this week it seems the visual goodness was left to the last minute, with a late surge by HEALTH, Lana Del Rey and FKA Twigs leaving us with some rejigging to do. But that's only a good thing, as we get to provide you with five pieces of gold.

5. LCMDF - 'Procrastination 365' (dir. Tommi Mäntysalo / LCMDF)

The clip, shot by Tommi Mäntysalo and edited by LCMDF, features the two sisters backed by a giant pizza slice (complete with eyes and mouth), palm trees, and ice-cream cones, among other cool and random stuff. "We wanted to describe the vibes of a generation that is doing everything and nothing at the same time," they say of the track. "It's about life online, Berlin and procrastinating vs. getting shit done."

4. Youth Lagoon - 'Highway Patrol Stun Gun' (dir. Kendy Ty)

Parisian director Kendy Ty reigned the video together in New York City over the course of "four to five days," according to Powers. The two sides previously connected two years prior when Powers stumbled on their work, but until 'Highway Patrol Stun Gun', it wasn't apparent that the "right" project had yet come together.


So strange.

2. Lana Del Rey - 'High By the Beach' (dir. Jake Nava)

She wanted to get high by the beach, can't you just leave her alone?

1. FKA Twigs' M3LL155X Short Film (dir. FKA Twigs)

Perfect as always.