We didn't bother with this feature last week due to the lack of interesting music videos (it was the first week of the year, though). However, we've got a great selection for you this week, from Michael Shroads' glitchy direction for Geneva Jacuzzi, all the way through to the beautiful 'Morning After Coffee' by Kelsey Lu (directed by Leslie Satterfield). It's good to be back.

5. Geneva Jacuzzi - 'Cannibal Babies' (dir. Michael Shroads)

I think Samantha O'Connor nailed it when she claimed Geneva Jacuzzi's latest video was "less bizarre than it sounds but only by a little." It's enough to give anyone nightmares.

4. Danny L Harle - 'Broken Flowers'

The main theme at play here is 'escapsim' - which is perfectly represented by the environment of the protagonist, and how she handles it. You might find something to connect with here.

3. Bleached - 'Keep On Keepin' On' (dir. Lana Kim)

Lana Kim's video for 'Keep On Keepin' On' finds Bleached being stalked by someone unknown entity. Expect plenty of running, and stalker-like action.

2. EKKAH - 'Small Talk' (dir. Toby Tomkins)

"You know when you're at that party and you really just don't care about the chit chat, just wanna hang and dance with the person that makes it fun? That's what 'Small Talk' is about!" Well there you have it. A fun song, backed by a fun video.

1. Kelsey Lu - 'Morning After Coffee' (dir. Leslie Satterfield)

Kelsey Lu's latest video acts like a getaway for the mind, especially when paired with Leslie Satterfield's stunning treatment. Everything about this is perfect. Well done everyone involved.