Cyborgs, glitter, skateboards, snow, New York City, animation, fields, fires, ferris wheels, trains, couches, tents and beaches - we had a blast this week. Has Flying Lotus ever released a bad music video? Same goes for Young Replicant, who we're massive fans of.

These are our five favourite videos from the past seven days:

5. Le Thug - 'Basketball Land'

There is a very dangerous, yet austere vibe emanating from the video. Its brilliant, monochromatic photography enhances the mood, while breathtaking shots - like the open field - transport us to the golden age of Film Noir, with its superb contrasts and light drawings more telling than the narrative itself. - Ana Leorne

4. RATKING - 'Snow Beach

Despite the relative simplicity of RATKING's monochromatic 'Snow Beach' video, there's something pretty special about watching the group rap in those environments. There's some beautiful shots in there too thanks to director Ari Marcopoulos.

3. Young Thug, Freddie Gibbs & A$AP Ferg - 'Old English'

Animated brilliance.

2. Pond - 'Zond'

The Glam-wacko experience was shot by Lord Fascinator, who says that the hardest part of the video was "finding three elderly citizens who looked identical to what our computer projections told us Jay, Joe and Nick will look like in the twilight of their lives. The Jeff Koons inspired inflatable toy band was brilliantly sculpted by our monster maker, Hayley Callander."

"The conjoined twin scene was a little trickier as we used stem cells from each band member to grow an extra torso and head which we later sewed on," he continues. "Now, normally this takes about 6 – 8 weeks but thanks to our friend and mentor Professor Vincenzi Vandella we were able to expedite this process in his Juggertron laboratory and have them available within mere hours.
The Ben Montero artwork makes the whole thing, really – as well as the characters themselves who, to be honest, I could have just shot walking through the supermarket and it would have been just as weird and funny." - Ana Leorne

1. Flying Lotus - 'Coronus The Terminator' (dir. Young Replicant)

This is perfect.