As far as visuals go, the high-resolution inspection of a dwarf planet will never be topped by a mere music video, so please keep that icy ball of handsome in your mind as you press play.

5. Du Blonde - 'Hunter' (dir. Du Blonde)

The clip was directed by Du Blonde (Beth Jeans Houghton) in Los Angeles and shot on Super8 by Kelsey McNamee. "We wanted to try and get footage like the old home movies our families had when we were younger," Houghton explains. "So often footage like this is forsaken for videos shot on phones and the quality of those old memories is lost. We wanted to have something to show our kids."

4. Jack Garratt - 'Weathered' (dir. Andrew Dohono)

Jack Garratt headed to an unusual location with an even crazier natural phenomenon for his new 'Weathered' video - the hills canyons of Atlanta, Georgia, to be precise. Teaming up with director Andrew Dohono (Gaslight Anthem/Raury), it follows three brothers who stumble upon one of probably the coolest looking fungi ever. Once a year, it turns luminescent, giving everything an eerie but beautiful glow and making for one hell of a cool music video.

3. Teen Daze - 'Morning World' (dir. Derrick Belcham)

'Morning World' features isolated figures transposing interpretive movements to the free-flowing track. Beautiful.

2. Vök - Waterfall' (dir. Skapti Magnús and Baldvin Albertsson)

The video, directed by previous Vök collaborators Skapti Magnús and Baldvin Albertsson, features dancer Þórey Birgisdóttir shot in monochrome, writhing and moving hazily yet somewhat urgently, similar to the psychedelic feel of the track.

1. Lower Dens - 'Sucker's Shangri-La' (dir. Zachary Treitz)

Director Zachary Treitz has shared a few words on the inspiration behind the video:

"The karaoke bars in my neighborhood have these filler videos as a background for the American pop songs. Most of them seem like they're made in less than a day, start to finish, and they follow a basic formula, even though they're unique to each song: girl, cars, body of water, shots of architecture. We made our own one with Jana in Baltimore, which was a lot of fun because once you're in the mindset of those videos you start to see great shots everywhere that would otherwise seem terrible. But the music video itself takes place at a Chinatown karaoke bar, with the incredible Hiro Xu singing along to the video we made with Jana."