Gener8ion had this week sewn up pretty quickly with the incredible 'The New International Sound Pt. II', but if that doesn't do anything for you, we're pretty sure you'll find some joy in the rest of our selection.

5. Father John Misty - 'I Love You Honeybear' (dir. Father John Misty / Grant James)

Starring Brett Gelman and Susan Traylor, the clip is described by the musician as "a portrayal of an average night in the lives of two EMTs."

4. Dan Deacon - 'Meme Generator' (dir. Monica Mirabile)

"Meme Generator is a game of programmed choreography. The players are downloaded into a digital world and asked to play the game of semiotic codes interacting with the 'house'. A few years ago Dan and I decided to collaborate on a video that I was making with my own performance art collaboration (FLUCT). That video is set in a living room which looped suburban leisure choreography created by the glitch of being physically effected by technology.

"The inspiration for this video has been an extension of the way our bodies are programmed by the worlds we live. In the music video, four choreographers created four dances in a liminal house. I gave no rules, just asked for a response derived from the choreographers own relationship to the 'program.' The program being the familiar space of the house. I'm most directly inspired by the choreography of the people that surround me, as we are all affected by a similar marketed reality. We all play the game."

3. Fiona Soe Paing - 'Heartbeat'

The dark surrealist visual features a seductive wooden female sleuthing through a hedonistic Mos Eisley Cantina meets Ibiza club night vibe. If this description doesn't make much sense then watch the video. It still might not make much sense but you won't fail to be hypnotised by the parallel world created by Paing's haunting electronic arrangements and Alexander's deeply creative design. You know when something is so fantastically disturbing and unsettling that you can't help but be enveloped by it? This is it.

2. Ratatat - 'Abrasive' (dir. Evan Mast)

The animations - over 4000 in all - actually come from band member Evan Mast (penned as E. VAX and produced by Perfect Branch). The output, largely, is of people dancing and doing various activities like poll-vaulting - not the first thing you imagine when Ratatat comes up, but it's there.

1. Gener8ion - 'The New International Sound Pt. II' (feat. M.I.A.) (dir. Inigo Westmeier)

The video, directed by Inigo Westmeier (full credits below), features 36,000 students of, and is filmed at, the Tagou Martial Arts School near Zhengzhou, China; it's self-explanatorily impressive. It's also based on Westmeier's full-length 2012 documentary, Dragon Girls.