You know it's been a good week when one video alone contains teeth pulling, shimmering dresses, Oscars, and jogging. Or a bad week, we haven't really decided yet. Anyway... the real winner here is Bob's Burgers. The real winner is always Bob's Burgers.

5. Sekuoia - 'Somewhere' (dir. Yoshi Sodeoka)

It totally fits Sekuoia's sound – with a hint of 'the old' in the aching reverb of his guitar melodies throughout, it's paired with fragmented, analogue-style electronic music, with chopped samples and the throbbing bounce of a mechanico-organic beat.

4. Lower Dens - 'To Die in LA' (dir. SSION)

It's a strange narrative complete with dead animals, teeth pulling, shimmering dresses, Oscars, and jogging, but it's so enticingly '80s that you can't turn away from it.

3. Rosie Lowe - 'Who's That Girl' (dir. Bison)

The clip finds Lowe performing the song silhouetted by a mesh veil that covers her entire body and head, giving the dark song some equally haunting visuals.

2. Stealing Sheep - 'Not Real' (dir. James Slater)

"Pleasingly there was a seamless crossover between what James had in mind and all the other visual components we were working on. He shot it in two days in Liverpool on a wind up bolex film. It gave it a grain we couldn't have got any other way. Face casts were made by Natasha Lawes, they are pretty eerie. The 'Big Wig' shots were filmed in the Walker Art Gallery."

1. Sleater-Kinney - 'A New Wave'

I assume we don't need to hard sell this one?