Even when Young Thug loses, he still wins.

His label splurged $100k on a music video which he didn't even turn up to, and yet we're here, arms open wide, asking him to accept our invitation to the Great Video club.

A huge amount of the praise should go to the directors (Ryan Staake/Pomp&Clout) for surviving so long in the dumpster fire, of course, but we're giving the win to Young Thug on this one, and for one important reason: does he even care?

It's one thing turning a loss into a win - it's not easy, but certainly achievable - but to look the aftermath in the face and be like, "here's my new music video," takes a lot of confidence.

Kojey Radical - 'Look Like'

Chaz Bundick And The Mattson 2 - 'Star Stuff'

Kilo Kish - 'Obsessing'

Banks - 'Trainwreck'

Young Thug - 'Wyclef Jean'