Paramore's new video is better than the music it's supporting. So with that in mind, it can't take the top spot. But what about the rest of the pack?

George Maple took us on a hedonistic trip through a sweaty club, but top spot worthy? No. Typically, if your music video features an aquarium, I'm purchasing a ticket. However, I can't give you the top prize Lydia, I just can't. Ane Bjerkan's beautiful new video - which really needs to be seen - came very close, but nope.

The winner always goes to the person that can get Don Cheadle to rap. You get Don Cheadle to rap and I'm buying stock. You get Don Cheadle to rap and I'm ripping the video from YouTube, burning 400 DVD copies, and then tossing them at people like frisbees. King Kendrick.

George Maple - 'Kryptonite'

Lydia Ainsworth - 'Into The Blue'

Ane Bjerkan - 'Cherry Blossoms'

Paramore - 'Hard Times'

Kendrick Lamar - 'DNA'