This week's top videos come from Hot Chip, Dan Deacon, Psychic Twin, PINS and Jack White. We have cameos, sci-fi weirdness, broody black & white treatments, car chases, and lasers. Lots and lots of lasers. We also spoke to Daniel Perez, the director behind the Hot Chip video.

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Hot Chip - Look At Where We Are

"Hot Chip and I had been trying to work together for various albums. Their former label was scared of my work because of a Black Dice video I made and circumstances never allowed for it to happen til this record via the Creator's Project. Strangely enough, it was for a song that was unlike anything I had ever worked with before: a downbeat, melancholy ballad of sorts.

"Never wanting to go an obvious or literal route, I was inspired by the lonely stories of men and their relationship with love dolls, elaborate and expensive sex dolls custom built to one's desires. At the same time, I preferred to put a fantastical and psychedelic spin on it with the art direction and effects in the video. In many ways, it's my most narrative music video and my first time working with many things. I had fun expanding this world with performances and some of the practical effects. I hope you enjoy and at the very least will make you hear the song differently." Daniel Perez

Dan Deacon - 'True Thrush'

Jack White - 'Freedom at 21'

PINS - 'You Don't Need To Be' (Live)

Psychic Twin - 'The Deepest Part'