This week is proof that good things happen to those who whine, as we've been handed some stunning music videos for you to feast your eyes upon. From domestic scuffles and the death of Diplo, all the way through to criminal damage and sad-looking fish, we had it all. Oh, and we can't forget Grimes. She released one of 2016's first truly special music videos. Pop culture, baby!

5. Major Lazer - 'Be Together' (dir. Alan Del Rio Ortiz)

4. LCMDF - 'Rookie' (dir. )

3. Youth Lagoon - 'Rotten Human' (dir. Patrick Blades)

2. Breakbot - '2GOOD4ME' (dir. Simon Cahn)

1. Grimes - 'Kill V. Maim' (dir. Claire Boucher / Mac Boucher)