Our 'Video of the Week' arrived on Monday (thanks Taylor Swift, you bloody genius) - so yeah, the music video world peaked pretty early. However, don't just scroll to the bottom - you'll miss Wet's beautiful kitten and HOLYCHILD's incredible wit. Don't do that to yourself.

5. Wet - 'Deadwater' (dir. George Belfield )

It includes a heart-meltingly cute kitten, a bike ride, a hike through a stretch of woodland and some popping colours.

4. Alex Winston - 'Careless' (dir. Allie Avital Tsypin)

A senior centre, a swimming pool and a game of bingo. Fantastic.

3. KStewart - 'Keeping You Up'

The 'Keeping You Up' video is extremely colourful and full of gif-able moments, as she romps about in various locales looking cute as ever.

2. HOLYCHILD - 'Money All Around' (dir. HOLYCHILD)

It's glittery and swanky and packed full of the kickass, whip-smart attitude we've come to know and love from the band.

1. Taylor Swift - 'Bad Blood' Remix (dir. Joseph Kahn)