This week's top videos come from Jessie Ware, Flying Lotus, Wilco, Madeon and AlunaGeorge. Expect plenty of incredible animation, beautiful dance moves, paint, art galleries and posing. We also had a chat with Cyriak Harris, who put together than incredible Flying Lotus video, and Christopher Sweeney, who teamed up with Jessie Ware on her latest video.

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Flying Lotus - 'Putty Boy Strut'

"I was approached by warp records to make this video, and I decided to collaborate with friend and illustrator Sarah Brown, where she would provide the artwork and I would make it do horrible things. The idea for the film was to have a perfectly balanced eco-system of robots that is tipped into chaos when one of them accidentally discovers he can eat the others. This is then revealed to be part of a larger cycle of life. There's metaphorical subtext for those who want it, and cute dancing houses for those who don't." [Cyriak]

Jessie Ware - 'Night Light'

"This video was a lot of fun to make - Jessie and I have been friends since we were kids. In fact I once hospitalised her by smacking her in the eye after a fight in a swimming pool on holiday, but we try not to punch each other these days.

"In terms of the idea, the starting point for this video was creating imagery that embodied the idea of protection in different ways because that is what the song is about. We both love Herb Ritts and Richard Avedon's photographs so that was a great starting point - expressing the idea of protection in way that fit with that visual style.

"Jessie is a natural pop star and from the very first take everyone in the studio was clapping whenever she performed which made the day really fun. I spent most of the day shouting 'More Whitney' - we wanted it to be like a true pop diva video. In terms of cast it was lots of family - Jessie's sister Hannah and her boyfriend Giles are the couple hugging, plus Jessie's boyfriend Sam is the guy with his back to camera. My favourite bit of the video is the laugh at the end, I didn't want the video to take itself too seriously and also Jessie is one of the funniest and silliest people I know and I wanted people to see that side of her, rather than the austere pop star side. Her impression of Kathy Bates in Misery is second to none." [Christopher Sweeney]

AlunaGeorge - 'Your Drums, Your Love'

Madeon - 'The City'

Wilco - 'Sunloathe'