This week's top videos come from Twin Shadow, Slow Club, Summer Camp, Ssion and Casiokids. Expect animation, drunk antics, motorbike madness, a couple of naughty people and a lot of colour.

We also spoke to the directors responsible for the Twin Shadow and Slow Club videos.

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Top 5 Videos of the Week

Twin Shadow - 'Five Seconds'

"At first 4AD sent out a brief with a 30ish page short story written by George Lewis himself. I wrote up a quick treatment that caught George's eye and the rest was history. It was really important for me to stay away from the common stereotypes found in most post-apocalyptic music videos...Mad Max was a great movie but our actors weren't wearing shoulder pads made of tires and the environment in "Five Seconds" was lush rather than desert-sparse. I love the idea of nature retaking it's place like when a sidewalk breaks apart from a root system below it.

"Hopefully the buddy movie element came across in this video. I always get jealous of two friends who share a intimately platonic relationship with one another (which is rare). Not that I'm going to remake the volleyball scene from "Top Gun" but why can't two guys be close with one another without calling it a 'bromance?'" Keith Musil

Slow Club - 'Beginners'

"I'd written the script based on watching drunk people in real life, the extremes of both funny and sad always make for an intriguing watch, I'd always liked that neon indian video that was floating around too.

"I knew Dan liked the band, so wrote to him. We talked it through over the phone, then literally days later, on the other side of the world, I met him by chance and the conversation continued from there.. I'm not a big believer in fate, but it certainly felt right.

"There were speed ramps in the track to create a slight slow-mo effect, so not only did he have to pull off a one-shot, some parts were incredibly fast. He's a very agile performer, the band and I feel very lucky we got the chance to work with him." Lucy Needs

Summer Camp - 'Always'

Ssion - 'Earthquake'

Casiokids - 'Dresinen'