The plural for vinyl is vinyl. The plural for scissors is scissors. The plural for deer is deer. The plural for pants is pants. These are just four examples of "plurale tantum". What's your favourite? Anyway, for this week's Top 5 Videos of The Week feature, we get shoved into a cop car, hang out with zombies, do the hustle, and witness a samurai showdown (the plural for samurai is samurai).

5. Dâm-Funk - 'We Continue' (dir. Jeff Broadway)


4. Vince Staples - 'Norf Norf' (dir. Spike Jordan)

The black and white clip begins with Staples in the backseat of a car (which we later understand is a cop car), and shows him transiting from mugshot time to police-are-kicking-your-ass time.

3. Summer Camp - 'You're Gone' (dir. )

The clip portrays a roller derby race which pits humans against zombies, with Jeremy Warmsley leading the team of the "living"and vocalist Elizabeth Sankey leading the "undead".

2. Destiny Frasqueri - 'Soul Train' (dir. Asli Baykal)

"To me, this is a video of Black revolution," she explains. "In a time of racism, it's for the Black and Latino communities in America, and it was created to honour the lifestyles that cultivated our culture and the positive and artistic outlets that healed us in hard times."

1. Thundercat - 'Them Changes' (dir. Carlos Lopez Estrada)

In the Carlos Lopez Estrada-directed video for 'Them Changes', an armless samurai warrior contemplates former glories as Thundercat taunts him via a bizarre informercial. Perfect.