This week's top videos come from Frightened Rabbit, Grimes, Mykki Blanco, Halls and Carice van Houten. Expect emotional turmoil, orgies, sparks, crazy outfits and a lot of bright lights.

We also spoke to Justin & James from Hand Held Cine Club about their incredible video for 'State Hospital' by Frightened Rabbit.

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Frightened Rabbit - 'State Hospital'

We've worked closely with Frightened Rabbit quite a lot since we did 'The Loneliness & The Scream' video for them a couple of years ago at the end of their 'Winter of Mixed Drinks' record. The best thing about this situation (working closely over time) is that, after a while you can hope to gain more of an insight on how best to convey what you feel the song is about more than just tipping up and shooting a band and moving on. Hopefully it's more in sync with the original spark of an idea that created the song as opposed to just throwing together a load of cool images that look cool whilst the tune plays in the background with no connection...The emotive and vivid lyrics are very strong on this tune so we just went with it. We reckon it turned out pretty cool. Justin & James (handheldcineclub)

Mykki Blanco - 'Wavvy'

Halls - 'White Chalk'

Grimes - 'Genesis'

Carice van Houten (ft. Antony) - 'Particle of Light'