With Glastonbury taking place this weekend (well, technically since Wednesday, but you get the point), it would be easy to write the week off entirely - the industry more or less shuts down, at least in the UK - but thankfully a few gems made their way onto the internet. Feast your eyes upon the best of the best, below.

5. Rina Sawayama - 'Tunnel Vision' (dir. Arvida Byström)

With the help of director Arvida Byström, Sawayama explores the song's virtues, placated in bed waiting for notifications from various sides while noting the repetitive nature of that kind of life. Check out the video above.

4. Shura - 'White Light' (dir. Noel Paul)

The new video for Shura's single 'White Light' has a little something for everybody: aliens, sci-fi stuff, and even the singer's twin brother (remember the clip for 'Touch'?).

3. Tanlines - 'Palace' (dir. Teddy Blanks, Alex Karpovsky)

The video includes Alex Karpovsky, who plays Ray in Girls, Natasha Lyonne of Orange is the New Black fame, Ben Sinclair from online series High Maintenance, and Kids' Leo Fitzpatrick. Karpovsky teamed up with Teddy Blanks, who contributed a score to Lena Dunham's Tiny Furniture, for writing and directing duties, and the resulting clip follows a couple's tumultuous relationship filled with doppelgangers, gigs, and strangely invasive roommates.

2. Foxes - 'Body Talk' (dir. Virgili Jubero)

The clip finds the singer showing off her dance moves (with a little help from her friends) at a gas station. The cinematography adds a dark, yet intense vibe to the affair - a sort of early noughties nightclub quality.

1. Tinashe - 'Cold Sweat' (dir. Stephen Garnett)

The video, directed by Stephen Garnett, is a weird mixture of linear performance and "somebody-spiked-my-drink". Disturbing at times, it makes the otherwise straightforward performance come alive.