For this week's Music Video Special, director Tim Erem discusses his vision for Major Lazer's 'Lean On', which managed to grab a place in our rundown of the greatest music videos from the past seven days.

"We all were pretty stoked to shoot this in India and Major Lazer had their Indian tour simultaneously, but shooting in India calls for trouble. The indian dancers were all coming on the same bus and they were delayed by two hours which was a huge problem - the cops pulled the bus driver over because they suspected human trafficking.

"We had 110 people on set and it was just a shitstorm to figure out how we can get the schedule - that was already very tight - to work. We basically had a very limited amount of time to shoot each setup and we had many setups. DJ Snake wasn't in India with us so we had to reshoot everyone three months later. We were also supposed to have an elephant in the video. The elephant actually came to the set but as our schedule was so fucked up from start we weren't allowed to shoot the elephant by the time were supposed to. This made the guys from Major Lazer slightly angry cause they'd been tweeting and Instagraming selfies with the elephant and told their fans they were gonna ride it.

"It ended up with a photo of them on horses and a tweet saying "Close enough." The union came like five times, but I can write a book about this production. Honestly, it's the worst production I've ever been to, but the final video came out and people seem to like it a lot!"

5. Charli XCX - 'Famous' (dir. Eric Wareheim)

A Charli XCX obsessed fan and some random monsters. Ok.

4. Dan Deacon - 'When I Was Done Dying'

Animation gold.

3. Action Bronson - 'Baby Blue' (dir. Lil Chris)

A pretty great hat tip to Eddie Murphy's Coming to America.

2. Major Lazer - 'Lean On' (dir. Tim Erem)

Dance Dance Revolution 2015.

1. FKA twigs -­ 'Glass & Patron' (dir. FKA Twigs)

Tahliah Debrett Barnett does it again.