This week's top videos come from of Montreal, Sufjan Stevens, Action Bronson, Groundislava and M83. Expect gore, american football, claymation, 70s police officers, competition winners and more!

We also spoke to the incredible Lee Hardcastle about his claymation video for 'Mr. Frosty Man' by Sufjan Stevens.

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Sufjan Stevens - 'Mr. Frosty Man'

"The video is about a snowman protecting a family from zombies during xmas dinner. It was all Sufjan's ideas which I just molded into this video, he basically gave me a sort of script that would fit a 10 minute video and he told me to take whatever I wanted from it and feel free to leave other bits out. So, the video is a really condensed version of his wacky story - I knew what he wanted and I did my best to include as much death and gory scenes as possible while telling this story about a snowman against the undead during a christmas celebration." [Lee Hardcastle]

of Montreal - 'Sails Hermaphroditic'

Action Bronson - 'The Symbol'

Groundislava - 'Suicide Mission' (feat. Baths)

M83 - 'Steve McQueen'