"I just love bossy women. I could be around them all day. To me, bossy is not a pejorative term at all. It means somebody's passionate and engaged and ambitious and doesn't mind leading." - Amy Poehler.

These are the best videos from the past seven days:

5. RL Grime - 'Valhalla' ft. Djemba Djemba (dir. David Rudnick andDaniel Swan)

The urgent siren synths and bellicose frenetic beat in RL Grime's 'Valhalla' (featuring Djemba Djemba) find their spiritual home in this very cool video for the track. Arriving courtesy of the very talented visual artists David Rudnick and Daniel Swan, it follows a super futuristic task force riding across barren landscapes towards a crater where some troublesome and mysterious "Void Energy" seems to be erupting from the ground. What is it? An ancient alien threat buried deep in the Earth millions of years ago programmed to surface and wreak havoc at an opportune moment? Maybe. Hey, who even said it was the Earth? Other than that, it is the soulmate to RL Grime and Djemba Djemba's thick and menacing brand of footwork-flavoured aggro-electronic music. - Russell Thomas

4. Beyoncé - 'Haunted' (dir. Jonas Akerlund)

The Jonas Akerlund-directed video is far from new - it was packaged with the original release of Beyoncé - but it's still worth experiencing.

3. Coronation Ball - 'I Feel Fine' (dir. Lewis Cater)

If you've been listening to BBC Introducing in Kent lately, you've probably heard the new single from Coronation Ball, 'I Feel Fine'. Out on 1 December, the tune's now gotten the visual treatment courtesy of Lewis Cater's directorial hand, complete with tons of pastels, girls donning some pretty retro latex outfits, and a bit of a performance video from the band. The video is every bit as striking as the song itself, appropriately colourful and sunny, injecting what may be a pretty grey day with some much needed energy. - Tarynn Law

2. JUCE - '6th Floor' (dir. Lucy Luscome)

The girls from JUCE work in a pet shop, a florist, and some kind of bakery / café (not in real life, or at least I am guessing not) and decide to get even with a stoopid boy by practicing a little magic, a bit of witchcraft that, in terms of severity, sits on the scale at Sabrina The Teenage Witch. It's fun! - Russell Thomas

1. Hudson Mohawke - 'Chimes' (Remix)

Head here to witness this interactive video.