We've got a really strong selection of music video for you this week, from Julian Casablancas+The Voidz's 13-minute slice of sadness, all the way through to Jenny Lewis' comedic twists. Have a great weekend.

5. Aquilo - 'Calling Me' (dir. David Silis)

Aquilo have proven themselves masters of a few things. One of those is creating beautiful, cinematic pop tracks with a penchant for the emotional side of life, and the other is their ability to craft heartwrenching music videos that echo the song's qualities perfectly. An example would be the Lake District duo's new clip for 'Calling Me', featuring a young boy who is bullied by his peers but finds solace in dancing - ballet, to be exact. It was directed by David Silis, and the song comes from their brand new EP Calling Me which drops on 31 May via B3SCI/Island.

4. Julian Casablancas+The Voidz - 'Human Sadness' (dir. Warren Fu)

True to the name of the track, the video is a 13-minute epic starring the band themselves playing live, directed by Warren Fu, with cutaways depicting discordant human relationships and individuals close to turmoil, i.e. human sadness.

3. Alessia Cara - 'Here' (dir. Aaron A)

Aptly enough, the video (directed and produced by "Aaron A") aims to re-create the house party that inspired the lyrical content of the song – many of the people in the video were actually at the original house party. It's kind of like a very insular meta-history before the proper fame and fortune has even begun – but that's ok; taken without the backstory it's fitting enough as it is.

2. The Weeknd - 'The Hills' (dir. Grant Singer)

'The Hills' gets the 'crashed-my-car-and-burned-my-house' treatment.

1. Jenny Lewis - 'She's Not Me' (dir. Jenny Lewis)

Filled with a variety of costumes and kitsch, as well as a few familiar faces (Fred Armisen of Portlandia, for instance), the visual treatment of the song serves its comedic purpose twice: child star references and TV-show-inspired scenes highlight Lewis' days as a child actor, whilst there's also the gleeful gloating as she sings "She's not me, she's easy," swaying and smiling.