This week's top videos come from WALL, WHY?, Grizzly Bear, Azealia Banks and Sigur Rós. Expect scientific experiments, beautiful shots of New York, ice skating and a pretty incredible street party.

We also had a chat with J&J, the directors behind the WALL video.

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WALL - 'Magazine'

"The song feels nostalgic and is about longing to be somewhere else, which made us think of being bored at school. The video was inspired by old school science textbooks - they often included photographs of students carrying out science experiments. We quite liked the idea of imagining what these characters might get up to, trapped in their textbook world, when they weren't demonstrating key parts of the syllabus." [J&J]

WHY? - 'Strawberries'

Grizzly Bear - 'Yet Again'

Azealia Banks - 'Luxury'

Sigur Rós - 'Ekki múkk’