Skills these videos will make you wish you had: the ability to dance, the ability to draw, the ability to stare really well, the ability to look cool on a throne, and the ability to withstand heat. You've got the whole weekend to figure out your game plan.

5. Kehlani - 'The Way' (feat. Chance The Rapper) (dir. Austin Vesely)

It features impressive dance move, after impressive dance move.

4. Unknown Mortal Orchestra - 'Ur Life One Night' (dir. Manoj Leonel)

Among the tiger costumes, traditional Asian art, cartoons, and other random stuff, we see a twisted version of Ruban Nielson's own Multi-Love story being told by director Manoj Leonel Jahson in a different way.

3. Disclosure - 'Omen' (feat. Sam Smith) (dir. Ryan Hope)

The video for 'Omen' showcases the art of dance, and longing stares.

2. LIZ - 'When I Rule the World' (dir. Justin Francis)

Cartoon pastel animations combined with squeaky-clean candy-flavoured backdrops and outfits in a frenetic burst of visual overstimulation.

1. The Weeknd - 'Can't Feel My Face' (dir. Grant Singer)